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Kohler CB-CLC2026FS wall-mounted medicine cabinet: The perfect choice for your bathroom

Overwhelmed by the clutter in your bathroom? Say goodbye to chaos and hello to organization with the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS Mirrored Medicine Cabinet. This sleek and efficient cabinet features adjustable tempered glass shelves, rust- and chip-resistant anodized aluminum construction, and a full-coverage mirror for added convenience. Upgrade your bathroom storage and add a touch of luxury with this top option that promises to keep your essentials easily accessible and organized. Don’t waste any more time searching for furniture – invest in the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS Mirrored Medicine Cabinet for a streamlined bathroom experience.

Design and aesthetics

Fully covered mirrored door with beveled edges

The design of the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS Medicine Cabinet features a full-coverage mirrored door with beveled edges, adding a touch of sophistication to your bathroom décor. This elegant feature not only enhances the aesthetics of the cabinet, but also provides a practical solution for daily grooming routines.

Modern and sleek finish

With a modern and sleek design, the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS Medicine Cabinet easily complements any modern bathroom design. Rust- and chip-resistant anodized aluminum construction ensures durability, while adjustable tempered glass shelves offer flexibility in storage options. This cabinet is not only functional but also a stylish addition to your bathroom space.

With a modern and sleek look, the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS Mirrored Medicine Cabinet easily combines function and style. Its clean lines and modern finish make it the perfect addition to any modern bathroom space. Adjustable shelves provide customizable storage solutions, while rust-resistant construction ensures longevity. Enhance the look of your bathroom with a sophisticated medicine cabinet that offers both practicality and aesthetics.

Construction and durability

Anodized aluminum construction

Even in the busiest bathrooms, the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS Mirrored Medicine Cabinet stands strong thanks to its anodized aluminum construction. This material ensures long-term durability and is resistant to rust and chipping, making it a reliable storage solution for important items in your bathroom.

Characteristics: resistant to rust and chipping.

Even in high humidity environments, the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS Mirrored Medicine Cabinet retains its pristine appearance thanks to its rust- and chip-resistant features. Anodized aluminum construction with a durable finish ensures that this medicine cabinet will stand the test of time, giving you a stylish and functional storage solution for years to come.

Any modern bathroom can benefit from the rust- and chip-resistant features of the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS Mirrored Medicine Cabinet. With its anodized aluminum construction and high-quality finish, this medicine cabinet not only adds a sophisticated look to your bathroom, but also ensures that your storage solution stays in tip-top condition despite daily use.

Storage and practicality

Adjustable tempered glass shelves

Unlike traditional medicine cabinets, the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS Mirrored Medicine Cabinet features two adjustable tempered glass shelves that can be customized to fit your storage needs. Even the tallest bottles and jars can be accommodated with ease, making this a versatile solution for organizing your medications and toiletries.

The interior is mirrored for enhanced functionality

Storage meets function with the mirrored interior of the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS Medicine Cabinet. Reflecting light and creating the illusion of a larger space, mirrored interiors not only enhance visibility but also add sophistication to your bathroom decor. Say goodbye to dark and cluttered cabinets, and hello to a bright and streamlined storage solution.

Installation options

Mounts flush against the surface

Many people wonder whether they should place the medicine cabinet on the wall or mount it on the surface. Surface mounting is a quicker and easier installation option, ideal for those who don’t want to cut into their walls. On the other hand, recessed mounting offers a sleek and space-saving solution, providing a seamless look that blends with the wall.

Side mirror kit included for surface installation

Now, let’s talk about the included side mirror kit for surface installation. This kit allows for easy surface installation of the medicine cabinet, providing an additional reflective surface for a brighter and more spacious bathroom. This set enhances the cabinet’s functionality, making it a versatile choice for any bathroom.

Convenience and accessibility

Two-way adjustable hinge

Despite its compact size, the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS Mirrored Medicine Cabinet is designed to be convenient and accessible. Two-way adjustable hinges allow you to customize the cabinet to fit your storage needs, making it easy to access medications or personal items with a simple adjustment.

108 degree opening capability for easy access

You’ll appreciate the 108-degree opening of the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS Medicine Cabinet with Mirror. This feature gives you easy access to the contents inside, allowing you to retrieve your items without any hassle. Say goodbye to rummaging through crowded cabinets and hello to the ability to reach your important bathroom items efficiently and quickly.

Clearly, this medicine cabinet’s ability to open 108 degrees enhances its functionality and usability. This extended angle provides greater visibility and access to the contents inside, making it easier for you to locate and retrieve your items. With this feature, you can say goodbye to frustration and enjoy a seamlessly organized bathroom space.

Additionally, in addition to convenient features, the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS Mirrored Medicine Cabinet also features adjustable tempered glass shelves and anodized aluminum construction, ensuring durability and longevity. Upgrade your bathroom today with this stylish and efficient medicine cabinet!

Size and Fit

Overall product dimensions and fit considerations

Not sure if the wall-mounted medicine cabinet CB-CLC2026FS is suitable for your bathroom space? Product dimensions are 30″ W x 26″ H, making it a compact yet spacious storage solution for your bathroom needs. Be sure to accurately measure your available space before purchasing to ensure a good fit.

Ideal use case and bathroom compatibility

Compatibility with your bathroom layout is important when choosing a medicine cabinet. Assuming you have a wall-mounted installation, the CB-CLC2026FS wall-mounted medicine cabinet is the ideal choice. A versatile option, this medicine cabinet is perfect for bathrooms of all sizes, providing ample storage without taking up valuable floor space.

Final review and recommendations

Assess value for money

All things considered, the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS Mirrored Medicine Cabinet offers excellent value for the money. With durable construction, adjustable shelves, and attractive design, this medicine cabinet is a lasting investment in both function and style. If you are looking for a high-quality storage solution for your bathroom, this product is definitely worth the investment.

Who should consider Kohler CB-CLC2026FS Medicine Cabinet

Even those who prioritize both function and aesthetics in their bathroom decor should consider the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS Medicine Cabinet. Whether you have a small bathroom and need to maximize storage space or simply want to upgrade your current cabinet to something more stylish and durable, this medicine cabinet is the way to go. Great pick. Adjustable shelves and features like rust protection make it suitable for a wide range of users.

Any homeowner looking to declutter their bathroom and improve its overall appearance should consider the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS Medicine Cabinet. The added convenience of the adjustable glass shelves and the beauty of the all-over mirror door make this cabinet a practical and visually appealing addition to any bathroom. Say goodbye to disorganized spaces and hello to a more stylish and functional bathroom with this top-of-the-line product from Kohler.


The Kohler CB-CLC2026FS built-in medicine cabinet with mirror is the perfect choice for those who want to upgrade their bathroom cabinets. With adjustable shelves, rust-resistant construction, and full-coverage mirrors, this medicine cabinet offers both function and style. Say goodbye to messy countertops and hello to a beautifully organized bathroom with the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS. Make a smart choice and invest in this high-end medicine cabinet for a convenient and elegant bathroom storage solution.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the dimensions of the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS wall-mounted medicine cabinet?

Product dimensions of Kohler CB-CLC2026FS wall-mounted medicine cabinet are 7.13″D x 24.75″W x 29.75″H.

2. What special features does the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS wall-mounted medicine cabinet have?

The Kohler CB-CLC2026FS wall-mounted medicine cabinet features rust-resistant anodized aluminum construction, adjustable tempered glass shelves, and a full-length mirror for added convenience and durability.

3. Is the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS wall-mounted medicine cabinet suitable for surface or wall installation?

Yes, the Kohler CB-CLC2026FS Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinet is designed for surface and wall installation, providing versatility and flexibility to suit your bathroom layout.

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