HEART health from a holistic perspective



29-part online video seminar (approx. 8 hours long)
Part 1: The complexity of the heart topic
Part 2: The basic principles of biology as they relate to the heart
Part 3: The Physiology of Harmony
Part 4: Contradictions of “modern” cardiac medicine
Part 5: New understanding of the cardiovascular system
Part 6: Proven ways to strengthen the cardiovascular system
38 bonus videos to deepen the content (approx. 12 hours duration)
Various PDF scripts and overview graphics can be downloaded to deepen your understanding of the individual video lessons
The latest and holistic medical insider knowledge to strengthen the cardiovascular system
13-part bonus video course: “Breathing correctly with the right air” with a total video duration of approx. 3.5 hours
30-day money-back guarantee


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