Hashimoto Congress knowledge package



✓ Discover the latest knowledge about the origins, causes and connections of Hashimoto. With this knowledge you will have a better understanding of yourself and your body.
✓ You will learn how your daily behavior causes Hashimoto’s and how you can change negative behaviors and thereby improve your quality of life.
✓ Get to know various nutritional protocols that have helped numerous sufferers and understand the principles of action.
✓ At the latest after the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded for a study on the day-night rhythm, the world knows that a disturbed internal clock massively influences the hormonal balance and is therefore a cause of Hashimoto. We explain which factors influence you and how you can regain balance.
✓ Discover the most promising treatment methods from science, such as functional medicine, mitochondrial medicine or TCM.
✓ You will understand what happens to your body during times of hormonal changes.


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